WordPress: How to make my wordpress set to HTTPS

In this guide, we will discuss how to make your WordPress set to https or SSL automatically each time you access your pages or posts. It is quite simple, but please make sure you do have an SSL installed within your website. Please ask your provider for further information.

First, login to your wordpress panel first. You just need to type mydomain.com/wp-admin within your web browser to login into WordPress admin panel.

Go to Settings > General

General option contained most general settings for your WordPress website, including HTTPS settings.

See WordPress Adress URL settings and Site Address URL section.

You just need to update from http:// to https:// in order to force WordPress site into https or SSL.

However, please remember that enforcing to https:// might causing lot of issues if you don’t have SSL installed. Also, you need to make sure some css and image are forced to use https as well.

After finished set to https, do not forget to apply the changes you made by click OK.

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