Windows: How to trace route from command prompt?

This tutorial will help you how to use trace route in your command prompt. Before we discuss further, you might want to read a little about traceroute in wikipedia. So basically trace route is a basic network tool for displaying the route path and measuring transit delays of packets across network.

You just need to run your command prompt by accessing Start > Run > type cmd > enter.

And start to run the command by typing tracert <host>. …

Windows: How to install telnet client?

This guide will assist you how to install telnet client in Windows. The objective of this guide is allows you to be able to install telnet client in Windows OS by your own. This article will guide you step by step using picture how to install telnet client.

Firstable, do you know what really telnet used for? Telnet is used to test a connection through remote host from your end. So how to install it?

Since telnet was part of …

Windows: How do I flush my DNS cache?

This guide below will help you how to flush your DNS cache on Windows. You might feeling stressful when you are going to go to some host or some website, somehow the website itself is not resolvable to host it supposed to.

Therefore, we need to flush our DNS cache. Please read below.

Now launch your cmd prompt by click Start > Search > type cmd and hit enter.

A new pop up window will appear as picture I uploaded …