How do I connect FTP with Filezilla

This article will help you how to connect an FTP with Filezilla software. Before we go further you need to know that there are various FTP software, such as WinSCP, Filezilla, etc. This section will guide you how to connect FTP with Filezilla instead.

First, download Filezilla software. Choose Filezilla client and your suitable platform and download here. Wait for file to be downloaded then install it.

How to Install?

Double click for downloaded file > I agree > …

How to connect an FTP using WinSCP

This article will guide you how to connect an FTP using WinSCP. Basically using WinSCP to connect to your FTP is one of the easiest one. Another software that has same function as WinSCP is Filezilla. However, I personally would recommend to use WinSCP instead.

First, we need to download WinSCP. Where to download? You can download WinSCP for free through this link.

After opened, please choose¬†portable executables¬†option. This will make the application become portable, no need …