cPanel: Download your backup files

This article will guide you how to download your backup files through cPanel. In order to download your backup files, please make sure you have valid username and password for your cPanel account. If you forgot or haven’t any then please ask to your web hosting provider.

Login to cPanel

Firstable, go to your cPanel login. If you don’t know the URL is, please ask to your web hosting provider instead.

Go to Backup

Now find the backup menu by typing within search bar within your dashboard. Yes, access Backup menu.

Download backup

After that you can see some texts and option which backup you would like to download. I would recommend to download home directory instead for best. Yes, click Home Directory. By doing this, you will download your entire home directory which contained your websites and your email directory.

The size of these might quite huge depends how many disk space you have taken within your cPanel account. However, it’s worth for your safety as well.

Download database backup

Now scroll down a bit. You can see a section for download a mysql database backup. In this section, you will see list of your created database. Of course, you need download these as well. How? Just click each and download will begin immediately.

So far that is way how to download your backup files within cPanel. Even cPanel has a retention backup of your website or database, however it is important to download the backup files regulary to your computer just in case, at least once a week or twice a month.

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