Cheap domain where to buy?

Do you ever wondering, where to buy cheap domains? Yes, we talking about really cheap domains, a personal scale not for bussiness purpose.┬áSo let’s discuss where we can buy cheap domains for personal range price.

Now we talking about personal range, so there are some aspects we should notice. First aspect is the price and second aspect is the purpose. If you wish to buy personal range domain, then you have to remember that some domains (enterprise name) might not available for your needs.

If you would like to buy business domain level then you can get an enterprise name domain, yes, however with extra price and it is not cheap at all.

Name Cheap

First place that I would recommend is Name Cheap. I have known name cheap back in years ago. They did provide good support and extremely cheap price (for most TLD name).

They actually provide 2 ranges. First is for personal purpose and the other one is business purpose. Both of them have pretty nice price. But I would say will go with personal range instead.

Also they have new TLD (Top Level Domain) that just arrived! So you can start browse from it and go yourself to find which domain that more suitable for you. As I see on their page, we can get personal range domain as low as $8.99/year. It is quite cheap!


The other website that provide cheap domains is OVH. To be honest, this website also one of my favourite place to buy domains and servers. Originally OVH located under France and it has several point of presence (data centre) all across Europe union. Back in few years, they start built America datacentre.

Actually OVH did not separate which is personal range and which is business range. As far as I know they sell all their products majority is for personal range price. You don’t believe?

If you can see this link, there are some domains that actually extremely cheap which is under 1 EUR. Yes, it is real and I bought it and yes, it is really that price. So they are serious when selling the domains, even with unbelievable price.

That’s my last stops for cheap domains. Do you have another place that sell good price for domain? If yes, then please do a comment, so we can take a look for you.

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