Basic security plugin you should have in WordPress

Talk about WordPress these days, in order to keep our website secure, we have to enhance its security by adding some plugins to keep it safe. There are so many basic security plugin that you can install for free.

But hey please be careful, because not all developer of website keep their plugin maintained.

Here is some plugin that might suitable for your own needs :


Used by millions of wordpress users and help you to protect your blog from spam. Yes, you can register for free in order to use this plugin.


This plugin will help you to fight against bruteforce attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. If you install a wordpress from cpanel, then there should be option to preinstall this feature within your cpanel option.

Backup & Restore Dropbox

This plugin allows you to backup your entire wordpress folder (include database) to Dropbox space. However, you need an account from Dropbox first in order to use this plugin and make sure you have enough space in Dropbox space.

Stop XML-RPC Attack

After installed, this plugin will block any request for xmlrpc.php. These days, mostly all wordpress website facing issue by brute force of xmlrpc.php by someone in order to get in. This WordPress plugin will block access to xmlrpc.php from everywhere, except the JetPack/Automattic’s subnets.

So far these plugin I would recommend to you about basic security plugin you should have in wordpress. If you have any idea which plugin that might useful for you, then let me know. For your information, having too much plugins also not good for your WordPress health.

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