Add my another email to my google email account

This article will guide you how to add your another email account into your google email account. For example you have email [email protected] and you wished to be added within your gmail account. How? It is easy. See below for instructions.

First, access Gear in top right and choose options.

And go to Accounts and Import then add another email address.

A new pop up will appear to add another email address. Please fill full with full email address.

After added, it will ask to import email from your other account. Mostly will select POP3 by default. Okay, use POP3 and Next.

Next, enter credential login for username and password. For username, better use full email headers. Full email headers example: [email protected].

You can tick for additional option such as Leave a copy of retrieved message… and Label incoming messages…

Click Add Account.

If successful, then a new added account will created and gmail will inform you. You also able to send email as new added email account as well. However, you need to update the SPF record before you start to send email from google as new added email account.

Click Next.

This time we just need to write some information related about your email address. You may also tick Treat as an alias as well.

Click Next Step.

After that new popup setting.

By default google will use this information in order to able to send email from google as your newly added email account. See below for the instructions.

Click Add Account next.

Last step is fill the confirmation code sent from to newly added email account inbox. You need to retrieve the code from your another email account that want to be added.

Then click verify after the code filled.

Congratulations! Now your another email account has been added to your gmail! You may use it from your gmail.

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